About us

The International Consulting Economists’ Association (ICEA) was formed in 1986 by a group of independent consultants to meet the needs of consultant economists and associated disciplines. The ICEA is UK-based and meetings are held in Central London but overseas members can join at a reduced subscription rate and non-members are welcome at its meetings for a small fee. The main objectives of the ICEA are to:

  • Facilitate networking and the exchange of information on topics of interest;
  • Identify international professional & business opportunities for economic consultants;
  • Promote new methods of analysis & approaches to economic issues of concern; and
  • Provide a social forum for its members.

The ICEA is a non-registered, non-profit making charity funded by the subscriptions of its members. Its financial year begins on 1st August.  Membership is on an individual basis, but includes professionals working within consulting companies, in government and in academia, as well as self-employed economists. It aims to keep members in touch with developments in their own and related areas, as well as with each other, enabling them to participate in a wide range of discussions and other activities in a stimulating environment.

ICEA awards an annual ICEA/DSA prize of £1,000 for the best masters dissertation on development economics submitted to the Development Studies Association. For further details click here.