Open Meetings Programme

For a record of past meetings, please refer to the Archive. This gives speakers, topics and when provided by the speaker a link to download the presentation.

Future Programme

The ICEA year ends on July 31st. The open meetings programme resumes in October. Dates for which rooms have been booked are shown below. Speakers and topics are added when these are sufficiently confirmed to be announced. Formal notices giving further details are posted and despatched to members and those on mailing list approximately one month before the event.

In addition to the Open Meetings and dates listed below, there are also Members’ Events including the Annual General Meeting and Christmas party. For dates and details please refer to the Members Events page.

Meetings and Dates


Notice of ICEA meeting on Tuesday 19th November, 2019, at 18h00 for 18h30, Leslie Sklair, will speak on “The Economic Consequences of not taking the Anthropocene Seriously” Meeting Notice 

“The Anthropocene is the geological concept intended to measure and name human impacts on the Earth System. The economic consequences of Anthropogenic eco-system degradation are rarely discussed in the public sphere, though many governments and international organizations have been making contingency plans and modeling for the worst-case scenario. This talk will explore four of these economic consequences: stranded assets: how the insurance industry copes with environmental risk; the threat posed to coastal cities and communities all over the world by rising sea levels; and the economic impacts of millions of climate refugees seeking safety. At the present time the key question engaging economists seems to be how the economic costs of relative inaction compare with the enormous costs of action. The speaker will argue that this is a rather short-sighted vision that generations to come will not appreciate.”

“Leslie Sklair is professor emeritus of sociology at the London School of Economics ( He is editing a book, The Anthropocene in Global Media: Neutralizing the Risk to be published in 2020.”

Further Dates

2020 Dates

Wednesday January 15th 2020, Anja Shortland will speak on “Kidnap Ransom Insurance”

Wednesday February 19th 2020, Geoff Payne will speak on “Urban Development/Land Reform”

Wednesday 18th March 2020, Ron Smith, will speak on “Economic Forecasting: why nobody knows anything”

“ICEA welcomes back Prof Ron Smith for a third talk, this time on economic forecasting. He runs the MSc forecasting option at Birkbeck and his talk will cover the methodologies and pitfalls
of forecasting.”

Wednesday April 15th 2020, Paul Le Blond will speak on “Inside London’s Airport Policy”

Wednesday May 20th 2020, Malcolm Summerfield (ICEA Member) will speak on “St Helena: Now the Airport is Open!

Wednesday June 17th 2020, James Morton (ICEA Member) will speak on “Impact of Foreign Direct Investment”

Wednesday July 15th 2020

Wednesday October 21st 2020

Wednesday November 18th 2020

Time and Place

Meetings are held at in the Gradidge Room at The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT, (, which is located about halfway down the West Side of the Square click for map.

The Gradidge Room is a small venue and our meetings are more akin to seminars than to lectures.

We meet at 6 for 6:30pm. The meeting itself lasts until about 8 pm, with time split approximately equally between the speaker’s address and the subsequent discussion with questions, comment and observations from the floor.

Drinks are available both before and after the meeting. We aim to be out of the drinks room by 9 pm. There is sometimes an opportunity to take supper with speaker as guest. Those doing so leave earlier.

Meeting Charges

A small charge is made to cover the costs of drinks and other refreshments, which are served before and after the meeting.  Charges (including drinks/refreshments): Members – £5; Non-members – £10; Students – £2.50.

Meeting Notifications

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