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Membership is open to suitably qualified individuals with a professional interest in, and practical experience of, economic development and analysis.

Applicants are asked to complete the form given below which should be sent, together with a recent CV, to Türhan Donegan, the ICEA’s Secretary. Completed applications are forwarded to the Management Committee for approval. As we are an association of international consulting economists, the committee will look to your CV for both international and consulting experience and for economic qualifications, but will not demand that you score highly on all three of these.

As is the norm for a members’ association, applications for membership should, if possible, be sponsored by an existing ICEA member. Unsponsored applications may be considered. Applicants without a sponsor may be asked for additional information and are advised to complete the supplementary questions at the end of this form.

Those considering membership may wish to attend an ICEA meeting as a guest both to familiarise themselves with the Association’s activities and to meet existing members and potential sponsors.

The annual subscription is £40, with a 50% discount for retired or semi-retired senior citizens, those in full-time education or those resident outside the UK, whether temporarily or permanently. Applicants will be billed for the subscription after they have been approved by the Committee. As our financial year runs from August to July, the initial request will normally be pro-rata for a part year.

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Sponsor (required) There is a partial list of Members on the ICEA website. If you do not have a sponsor have you checked whether any of these are known to you and might therefore be willing to sponsor your application?
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Your Message The ICEA is the International Consulting Economists’ Association. Applicants are expected to have international and consulting experience and economic qualifications. If these are not all apparent from your CV you may wish to comment in the box below. Please feel free to add anything else which you think would encourage the Committee to approve your Application.

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