Open Meetings Programme

For a record of past meetings, please refer to the Archive. This gives speakers, topics and when provided by the speaker a link to download the presentation.

Future Programme

The ICEA year ends on July 31st. The monthly programme of open meetings resumes in October. Dates for our forthcoming meetings are shown below. Speakers and topics are added when these are sufficiently confirmed to be announced. Formal notices giving further details are posted and despatched to members and those on the mailing list approximately one month before the event.

Going forward we expect to provide a mix of Zoom and hybrid (face to face with a Zoom feed in addition) meetings. These will normally be on the third Wednesday each month, excluding December. We have planned bookings at the AWG monthly through to next July, dates will be finalised as they are agreed with our speakers.

In addition to the confirmed meetings and future dates listed below, in normal times there are also Members’ Events including the Annual General Meeting and Christmas social.

For dates and details please refer to the Members Events page

Meetings and Dates



Venue: Art Workers’ Guild (AWG), Gradidge Room and Zoom

In-person participants: the venue is at 6 Queen Square, WC1N 3AT

Charges for in-person participants (including drinks/refreshments):
Members – £5; Non-members – £10; Students – £2.50

Members can meet from 6.00 pm, the talk runs from 6.30-8.00 followed by more drinks.

NOTE: meetings last 1¼-1½ hours with an initial presentation by the principal speaker (or speakers) followed by questions and contributions from the floor. Further informal discussion may continue thereafter.


Upcoming Meetings

The International Consulting Economists’ Association is pleased to announce that its 2021-2022 programme will feature a mixture of face to face meetings at the AWG (with the option to participate by Zoom – hybrid meetings) and online Zoom only presentations.

Intended dates for presentations for the balance of the 2021-22 year are given below. Provisional bookings have been made at AWG for the third Wednesday of each month up to July as set out below, but these dates may, exceptionally, be varied to accommodate a presenter’s other commitments. All meetings’ announcements should be regarded as provisional until the formal meeting notice is circulated approximately one month in advance of the meeting date. Information additional to what appears below may be added before that.

Global debt has surged during the pandemic – rising to over 260% of GDP, the highest for half a century. The war in Ukraine will no doubt generate a further increase.

Of this it is the increases in government debt that are especially striking – and concerning. They affect almost all countries, but matter most to emerging market and lower income countries.

The IMF has already identified 8 low income countries in debt distress, with a further 30 at high risk of debt distress.

What to do? There are no easy solutions. Processes applied 20 years ago were effective but lengthy; and the rise of other creditors means they cannot readily be repeated. The IMF has developed a “common framework” aimed at equal impacts upon all creditors affected by a restructuring; but it is not yet operational. Huge lending by China brings major governance challenges – how
far China will join in any process is unclear. Will some mixture of default and inflation/financial repression be the way out?

Mike was the first CEO of the UK Debt Management Office. He has worked for most of the last 20 years as a consultant on government debt and cash management, chiefly with the IMF and World Bank and in many middle and lower income countries.

Those who prefer to follow the meeting by zoom should click on the following meeting link:

Meeting ID: 898 3623 5448 Passcode: 418889

The site will open half an hour before the talk to assist those unfamiliar with Zoom and all participants should allow at least five minutes prior to the start of the meeting to join. If joining by Zoom please use a recognisable user name when signing in.

Date: Wednesday May 18th 2022 – At AWG and by ZOOM (hybrid)
Speaker: Ron Smith Professor of Applied Economics at Birkbeck, University of London
Topic: Why new weapons are delivered late, over-budget and below performance targets

Date: Wednesday June 15th 2022 – By ZOOM (online meeting)
Speaker: Mark Watson PFM Specialist and ICEA Member
Topic: How independent are independent reviews?

Date: Wednesday July 20th 2022 – At AWG and by ZOOM (hybrid)
Speaker: Brandon Barford, Partner, Beacon Policy Advisors
Topic: The Green Revolution or Green Inflation?

Time and Place

Meetings are held at in the Gradidge Room at The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT, (, which is located about halfway down the west side of the square -click for maps. click for map.

The Gradidge Room is a small venue and our meetings are more akin to seminars than to lectures.

We meet at 6 for 6:30pm. The meeting itself lasts until about 8 pm, with time split approximately equally between the speaker’s address and the subsequent discussion with questions, comment and observations from the floor.

Drinks are available both before and after the meeting. We aim to be out of the drinks room by 9 pm. There is sometimes an opportunity to take supper with speaker as guest. Those doing so leave earlier.

Meeting Charges

A small charge is made to cover the costs of drinks and other refreshments, which are served before and after the meeting.  Charges (including drinks/refreshments): Members – £5; Non-members – £10; Students – £2.50.

Meeting Notifications

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